Product Description :

Cost-effective with all LTE advantages
FM36M1 uses all the advantages of the LTE network, at a cost comparable to 3G devices to other LTE or even 3G devices. This makes it highly efficient, especially when installing a large number of devices at a very low cost per unit. Efficiency is also reflected in coverage. Alternate solutions find inbuilding and underground areas a challenge. This solution leverages current LTE coverage combined with the inbuilt modem on the FM36M1 will support in-building or underground areas connectivity coverage.

What is CATM1?
Category M1 (Cat M1) is a technology that functions on a 1.4 MHz (reduced from 20 MHz) spectrum, has a transmit power of 20dBm, and provides average upload speeds between 200kpbs and 400 kpbs. This technology can extend battery life, potentially by up to 10 years, depending on battery capacity.

Key features
– LTE CATM1 module
– Integrated LTE and GNSS antennas
– Teltonika CAN adapter support
– External peripherals connection
– Integrated scenarios (Green driving, immobilizer, overspeeding, jamming detection, excessive Idling)

CATM1 and NB IoT technologies brings the next generation of connectivity, making IoT business models more relevant and achievable by ensuring reliable and efficient connectivity and with backwards GSM compatibility, your network will be expanded even more.

Internal battery
Feel safe when vehicle is monitored by device with internal battery. When vehicle battery is disconnected, device still remains online and sends data to server.

Input and Output
With configurable inputs you can monitor external events, be it water level threshold crossing or a simple door sensor. Receive alerts remotely either via SMS or e-mail.

1-Wire® protocol support enables you to identify up to 500 authorized drivers and connect temperature sensor. iButton® or RFID® allows to prevent unauthorized access to your fleet. Temperature sensors gives you possibility to monitor and control your cargo.

CAN adapters support
Additional accessories LV-CAN200, ALLCAN300 allow you to acquire CAN data from any kind of transport such as light vehicles, trucks, buses, agriculture transport, and special transport. Supported vehicles list contains more than 1800 models. Each vehicle model has particular instruction for installation with scheme and picture. Available parameters: RPM, Total fuel, Fuel level, Vehicle mileage and more.

Use Cases:

Trailer tracking
Nothing gives you greater advantage in logistics than knowing location of all your goods. Not everything is connected to trucks and has a driver around. Trailers are more difficult to track: it can be left for days or remain in ships for weeks before getting any external power. Our solution has long autonomous working hours, is resistant to harsh environments, and gives possibility to read cargo temperature. You can also monitor which truck is connected to trailer for best work organization and accounting.

Delivery transport
Quick and professional distribution of goods is the key to profit in delivery business. Route optimization can reduce your fuel expenses up to 30%; driver identification and behavior monitoring ensure high delivery standard and traceability, if any complaints need to be investigated. Gain full control of your fleet and resources with our solution.

Public safety services
Concept of public security has changed significantly in the past decade. Safety of our society depends on technology which allows us to monitor, track and respond to emergency calls faster than ever. With our solution you will always know current location and status of your transport, thus ensuring quick response time to any kind of situation. Real time status of special equipment like sirens, water pumps, ladders and etc. guarantees accountability and ensures correct exploitation.

Rental cars
Vehicle current location, status and track history are the main aspects for all rental service providers. Prevent theft with remote car lock management, receive notifications about possible contract violations, monitor driver behavior and areas where vehicle is driven – obtain standard tracking information and gain full control of your fleet.

For Taxi Company to be competitive and profitable, you must have the most innovative technology on your command. It is not enough to deliver customer from point to point, you need to ensure safety and traceability. Communicate with driver via Bluetooth headset, send pick up destination, acquire necessary routing and fuel consumption information – manage your fleet with our solution for taxi business.

Product details :

ModuleQuectel LTE BG96 Cat.M1/ NB1 & EGPRS
2G/LTE bandsFDD-LTE: B1/ B2/ B3/ B4/ B5/ B8/ B12/ B13/ B18/B19/ B20/ B26/ B28
TDD-LTE: B39 (for Cat.M1 only)
GSM/GPRS bands: 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz
Cellular data featuresLTE FDD: CATM1 (375kbps DL, 375kbps UL)
LTE TDD: CATM1 (375kbps DL, 375kbps UL)
Operating temperature-25°C – +75°C
Back-up battery170mAh
Accelerometer/Gyroscope3-axis, 50 Hz accelerometer
Power10V – 32V DC
DimensionsL (77mm) x W (62mm) x H (19mm)
FunctionsMultiple I/O (DIN, DOUT, AIN, 1-Wire)
FOTA (configuration and firmware upload)
Eco driving/ Crash detection
Teltonika CAN adapter support
CertificationsPTCRB, FCC, CE, E-mark, IC (coming soon)

Technical details :

GSM/GPRS/4G LTE CAT.M1 features FDD-LTE: B1/ B2/ B3/ B4/ B5/ B8/ B12/ B13/ B18/B19/ B20/ B26/ B28
TDD-LTE: B39 (for Cat.M1 only)
GSM/GPRS bands:
• 850/900/1800/1900MHz
• GPRS and EDGE class 12
• SMS (text, data
GNSS 33 channel GNSS receiver
-165 dBm sensitivity
Hot start <1s
Warm Start < 25s
Cold start < 35s
NMEA-183 protocol
Accuracy < 3m
Interface 10 – 30 V input
2 Digital Input
2 Universal Digital/Analog input (can be used both at same time)
2 Digital outputs
1-Wire® interface
Internal backup battery
2 Status LEDs:
• Navigate
• Status
INPUT 5 and INPUT 6, for LV-CAN200 and ALLCAN300 adapter connection
Internal USB Port
Dimensions: L(77mm)xW(62mm)xH(19mm)
Configuration and firmware upload (FOTA and via USB cable)
Internal high gain NB/GSM antenna
Internal high gain GNSS antenna

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