Ultrasound Fuel Sensor Product Details :

Resolution of ~1.6mm
Analog current output of 4-20mA/RS485/RS232
0.60Hz read rate
42kHz ultrasonic sensor measures distance to objects
RoHS compliant
CE compliant
Internal or external temperature compensation
Virtually no sensor dead zone, objects closer than 50cm typically range as 50cm
Maximum Range of 5-meters (196 inches)
Operates from 10V-32VDC
<40mA average current requirement
Small, light‑weight module
Designed for easy integration into your project or product
Operational temperature -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
Real-time automatic calibration (voltage, humidity, and ambient noise)
Firmware filtering for excellent noise tolerance and clutter rejection
Weather resistant (IP67), optional chemical resistant F-Option
Available in multiple housing and threading types: 3/4 inch NPS, 1 inch NPS, 1 inch BSPP, 30mm1.5
Long, narrow detection zone
Most-likely filter
Great for liquid level measurement
20mA is the minimum reported range and 4mA is maximum reported range

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